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    Financial Reporting
    Back Office Processes Improvement
    • Seek to automate and streamline accounting and finance

    • Introduce internal controls where necessary


    Cash Flow Management

    Cash Flow Management has been identified as the #1 issue for businesses.

    • Suggest payments based on AP report, vendor agreements  within cash flow limits

    • Monitor your cash flow and report on a regular basis

    Business Planning And Advisory
    • Assist with business strategy and goal setting

    • Negotiate services and partnerships to help support the objectives of the business

    • Anaylze business financing scenerios (leases, loans, etc.)

    • Provide analysis of M&A Opportunities


    Budgeting and Forecasting
    • Prepare budgets (e.g. specific event / program / product line, etc)

    • Create forecasts for your business (e.g. profit /loss, cash flow, sales, etc)

    • Develop financial scenarios and analysis to assist with strategic decision making

    • Perform cost/benefit analysis

    General Bookkeeping
    • Record all financial transactions

    • Generate and disburse invoices

    • Collect AR

    • Ensure proper documentation to support invoices

    • Pay bills

    • General Journal Entries

    • Reconcile Accounts

    • Compile your monthly financial statements, which include a balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement

    • Provide trend analysis to help identify strengths and potential issues

    • Identify and track key performance metrics for your business