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Cash Flow Turnaround

The Issue

Our client had a very successful and growing business, however, their cash flow did not reflect their success.  The owners received  distribution payments irregularly and only when cash was available.

The Bow Tie Difference

  • We put together an aggressive plan to improve cash flow

  • Analyzed all unbilled services and generated invoices to get current

  • Communicated with customers via email and phone to collect all outstanding payments

  • Developed a regular distribution schedule for the owners when certain cash flow objectives were achieved

The Results

  • Cash flow increased 5 fold within four months

  • The owners were able to receive regular distribution payments within 6 months

  • The company had the cash necessary to invest in the growth of the business!!

The Issue

Our client's business was facing numerous challenges. Their office space was designed for the company at its peak size. The 2008 recession negatively changed the structure of their target market and their revenue was seasonal with peaks and valleys.

The Bow Tie Difference

  • We were hired as a part-time CFO

  • Worked with the landlord to renegotiate the office space to match the cost to the company's size

  • Improved accounting processes to decrease invoice creation time

  • Provided financial reports to enable the owner to better manage and plan for the business

  • Provided strategic council on company growth strategies, staff composition and hiring

The Results

  • Reduced overall expenses, which significantly improved net income

  • Faster invoicing created a better cash position so the company could sustain some of the seasonal peaks and valleys

  • Identified strategies to capture revenue during slower seasonal periods

  • Helped align staff with the future direction of the company

  • Made the business easier to manage and grow

Cash Flow Turnaround
Outsourced CFO
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